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Today, the word "innovation" is on everyone's lips; product innovation, process innovation and so on. Yet many words are wasted to say very little. Officine Falavigna S.p.A. thinks differently and prefers to talk about facts: approximately 1.000.000 Euro are invested each year to improve the whole production cycle, from technological updating to the development of the company's organisation and management.
Officine Falavigna S.p.A., in collaboration with a pool of engineers and programmers, have indeed designed and adopted a cutting edge 100% automated management system of its production activities.
The development of this system has lead to amazing results and, despite an increase in production of 90%, the percentage level of the costs has indeed not risen but has actually dropped by 23% over the last five years: this means EFFICIENCY.

Automation increases the company's overall efficiency. The system has indeed enabled reductions in costs by optimising resources. It has also enabled the improvement of the quality of the parts produced. Customers are offered better and quicker services, doing away with human errors, because the system sets the standards with which every single aspect must comply. The system keeps all the company phases under constant control: from reception of the raw materials to order processing, from priority processes to the creation of the loading schedule of the vehicles. It reduces the times required to fulfil the order, consequently offering certainties concerning processing times. All this means that the quality-price ratio offered by Officine Falavigna S.p.A. is much higher than market standards - and this winning gap tends to increase year after year . Another advantage of the system is the absolute transparency of the data; information concerning the status of each order, stock quantities and much more is available at all times. Every single event, from the most trivial to the most important, is always under constant control.
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