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The cutting edge technologies used are oxygen and laser. The processed metal sheets may be made of construction steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
From a dimensional point of view, they can be split-up as follows:
To be able to provide customers with top quality products and "as ready as possible" for their final use, Officine Falavigna is able to fulfil a wide range of complementary processes:

- Sanding to ensure a machineable surface completely free from impurities and oxides.
- Chamfering of perimeters in preparation for subsequent welding.
- Mechanical pickling up to 20 mm.
- Levelling up to 20 mm
- Deburring.
- Polishing.
- Punching up to 8 mm.
- Cupping up to 8 mm
- Threading up to 8 mm
- Bending up to 4000 mm x 320 Ton
Cutting Technology Maximum dimensions of the sheet metal Cuttable thicknesses
  Length Width Construction steel Stainless steel Aluminium
  mm mm mm mm mm
Oxygen 12.000 2.500 <=250 n.a. n.a.
Laser 4.000 2.000 <=20 <=15 <=10

In particular, the last three processes, combined with the cutting process, can be done in the same position on one combined laser machine with considerable savings in time and guarantee of the quality of the finished product.
The company is consequently able to meet the widest variety of market requirements and the parts made can be used in all fields of mechanical structural work, of earth moving machines, hydraulics, oil-hydraulics, automatic machinery, furnishing and much more.

Even NEW HOLLAND (FIAT Group) is used in our production
new holland New holland
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