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For Officine Falavigna S.p.A., metal processing is not just a production activity, but a true family tradition, which dates back centuries. Since the 19th century, the Falavigna family is indeed known and appreciated as master metal workers. Now, after almost 200 years, the Falavigna family is still firmly anchored to a leading company in the metal processing industry.
Quality is not just a simple manner of speech for Officine Falavigna S.p.A. 5 generations committed to work, studies and research have forged the company's policy based on which metal processing is considered to be an art and as such must aim towards perfection. In the XXI century, all this was obtained through routine activities of technological updating, intelligent computerisation with automated systems of the administrative procedure, development of the in-house production activities and optimisation of logistics.
In the world of Officine Falavigna S.p.A., by cultural tradition, mankind is considered to be a precious and essential resource: he deserves time to be trained, attention towards his professional growth and investments for his safety at the workplace.

fabbro al lavoro Il Signor Falavigna
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