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Officine Falavigna S.p.A. is constantly technologically updated thanks to its policy of making strong investments, which is pursued with continuity over time. The company is specialized in the fields of oxygen cutting, industrial laser cutting, bending and chamfering of medium and large dimensions.
Each of the three factories of Officine Falavigna S.p.A. avails of a large sheet metal warehouse, split-up per quality and thickness. Programming is performed with the aid of the most modern of software programs: the cherry on the icing is a remarkably advanced programming system that is able to calculate the tool path, weight and processing time of the part to be created and to transmit the data to the management system so that they can be used in all phases of the production cycle.
The company is currently already structured to allow some of its employees to work directly from home, exploiting software technologies (virtual networks) and hardware technologies (web cams) already installed in the company. Teleworking will be one of the targets to be reached over the next few years.
Together with investments in production technologies and computerisation, Officine Falavigna S.p.A. is also one of the most advanced companies in the field of energy saving and environmental safeguard. To merely reduce energy consumptions - even with an increase of 90.12% in production ! - is not enough. Those who look towards the future are indeed not happy just looking back on past success. This is why Officine Falavigna S.p.A. is getting ready to install solar energy systems in all its production facilities, being the outcome of a cutting edge project. With this project, the Falavigna family and the entire management team of the company intend to reduce environmental impact by increasing the use of clean and renewable energy sources on which the future of our planet depends .
Company ingenuity is enhanced also by the design and production, within the engineering departments, of machines and systems that have not yet been seen on the market.

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Via Magellano,13 - 42046 Reggiolo RE - Italy - Tel. 0522.973030 Fax 0522.973167 - officinefalavigna@falavignaspa.it